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How this works/FAQs

-- What is a Home Down Payment Registry?

If you dream of buying a home, you'll need money for a down payment. Instead of asking for gifts of china, towels, or cookware, invite guests to help you start saving for a down payment. The Registry is an easy way for them to help you get started.

-- How does this help the couple?
It's difficult to save money to buy a home. The Registry makes it easy for friends and family to help you get started without asking them for cash.

-- How does this help the guests?
Family and friends want to help you start your life together. Unlike other gifts that may sit around without much use, your guests can give you something to help you toward home ownership. Because everything is done through PayPal, it's easy for them to give you this gift.

-- Are there any fees or obligations?
No. Everything is done online through PayPal. You don't pay a fee to set up your registry and your guests don't pay a fee for using their PayPal account (PayPal will charge a fee for credit card use). You can use any Realtor or lender. If you later decide to use the money for something else, you can.

--How do I set up a Home Down Payment Registry?
It's easy! You just need a PayPal account. Click on Register Now! and fill out the online form. You'll receive an email letting you know you are included on the Registry.

--How do I let my friends/family know about the Home Down Payment Registry?
If you're including registry information with your invitations, include www.OurSanDiegoHomeRegistry.com. If you have a website and would like us to create a button for you to include on it let us know so we can create one and email it to you. If you have other ideas please let us know.

--How do my friends/family give money toward a home down payment?
After you are included on the www.OurSanDiegoHomeRegistry.com registry, your guests can simply find your registry information and provide money through PayPal.

--How do I get my gift funds?
The funds are all deposited into your PayPal account, so just access your PayPal account and get your gift funds.

--Is there a charge to me or my guests for giving me a gift toward a home down payment?
Our San Diego Home Registry doesn't charge any fee to you or your guests. You don't have to pay anything to set up a PayPal account. If your guests have, or sign up for, a PayPal account they don't get charged anything to give you the cash gift. If your guests choose to use a credit card PayPal will charge a nominal fee to them, but it has nothing to do with Our San Diego Home Registry.

--Do I have to use the money that I get as a gift for a home down payment?
No, as far as Our San Diego Home Registry is concerned. Once the money is gifted to you, it's your money to use as you want. If you decide to use the money for something else it's up to you.

--Do I have to give my PayPal account password to anyone?
No. Our San Diego Home Registry doesn't need your password or other personal information. You don't have to give your password to guests because they will be able to give you a gift through PayPal using your email address.

--So....what does Our San Diego Home Registry get out of this?
Right now, nothing. By setting this up, I hope you eventually see the benefit of using me, Charlene Thorman, to help you buy your home, which will allow me to get paid when you buy your home. However, you have no obligation to me.

--When I decide to buy a home do I have to use a specific Realtor or lender?
No. If you decide to buy a home hopefully you'll work with me, Charlene Thorman, to buy your home. However, there is no requirement to use me as your Realtor, or to use any specific lender. You can work with whomever you choose.

--Will you share my information with other people?
No, Charlene Thorman and Our San Diego Home Registry will not give your name or information to third parties. You will receive information periodically from Charlene Thorman about housing, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

--Where can I find a list of homes for sale in San Diego?
Please visit my website, www.HomeRunTeamRE.com or use the Search Homes feature directly. Or, click on the big "Search for Homes" button below. All homes that are currently for sale in the area are included. Still, no obligation, and it's FREE to use my website to search for homes.

--Do I have to be a first time home buyer in order to use this?
No. Whether you are a first time buyer or not, you can register. There are no limitations through Our San Diego Home Registry.

--How can I contact someone for more information?
Contact information can be found here. Call me, Charlene Thorman, at (619) 990-2123, or email me at charlenethorman@cox.net.

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